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Intelligent algorithm as a guide, digital financial trading as the core, creating a hundred billion level AI intelligent quantitative market

Quantitative trading refers to the use of advanced mathematical models instead of subjective human judgment, and the use of computer technology to select various “probable” events from the vast sea of historical data that can bring excess returns to develop strategies, greatly reducing the impact of investor sentiment fluctuations and avoiding irrational investment decisions in the case of extreme market mania or pessimism. Investment Decision Making. Using current AI intelligent calculator technology, a large amount of data can be analyzed in a short period of time and then traded automatically with pre-written trading models to improve trading efficiency. The artificial intelligence system has the latest market trading information from all exchanges and uses the computer’s powerful computing power to trade spreads on major exchanges. 70%-80% of Wall Street’s trading in the secondary market is done through quantitative trading. This is done through quantitative trading.

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